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OttoMilk™ | Pactum Real Solutions
Ottomilk is packed by Pactum's Dairy Group's UHT manufacturing facility in Shepparton, Victoria.

In December 2012, Pactum Australia entered into a joint venture with Australian Consolidated Milk (ACM) to form Pactum Dairy Group. A state of the art UHT manufacturing facility has been built in Shepparton, Victoria. The primary focus of the new capacity is on supply of high quality UHT dairy milk for export markets to proprietary and private label customers in South East Asia, including China. The new facility will meet the growing demand for UHT dairy milk.

Our state of the art, fully accredited production facility is located in Shepparton Victoria and will provide for long term access to sustainable and economic sources of dairy milk. It utilises the latest cutting edge technology to produce nutritious, quality dairy products in aseptic UHT pack formats.